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We are responsible for the planning, delivery and reporting on your SEO marketing success. By utilizing a number of SEO tools and best practices, we can produce a thorough SEO audit and strategy for your business. Following is what we can provide you with:

SEO Strategy:
We will work with you to help you define and develop a comprehensive SEO strategy and realistic plan that works for you. Whether you’re looking for increased online performance or brand visibility, our team is on hand to provide you with any guidance you may need to help your company reach Giant heights.

SEO Auditing:
When it comes to online marketing, the demand for excellent SEO is incredibly important. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or how to progress if you hit a wall. By analyzing every inch of your website and its pages in detail, we can outline areas that can be further optimized or improved, and set you on the correct path to improve online performance.

Keyword Research:
Keyword research is a fantastic way to know your market and enhance your page rankings. By identifying high-quality keywords, using some of the most advanced programmes available, we are able to create easy to implement strategies that can have a big impact on your online profile.

On Page SEO:
Everything from your page’s layout and content, to how user friendly it is in general plays an impact on its SEO value. By breaking your page down into these elements we are able to make sure your entire webpage is perfectly optimized and gets you to the top of search engine results.

Link Building Strategy:
Link building is a digital handshake which can help boost your company’s SEO. Though it is one of the most commonly ignored aspects of digital marketing, building a database of high quality, reliable links is often an invaluable way of promoting business performance and standing out. We will work with you on outreach & digital PR strategies that are relevant and beneficial to your business through a mix of social media, quality campaigns and great connections.

Backlink Analysis:
Due to the commonly misunderstood landscape of online marketing, pages can often be landed with bad link penalties which can dramatically impair SEO. By using the latest SEO tools for backlink analysis, we will search through your web page and identify and remove any links that may be holding your company back.

Website SEO Migration:
Migrating your website to your new site can seem like hard work, but we take that stress away from you. Whether you want to simply redesign your website, or completely change the site, we make sure that every step of the way runs smoothly – and ensure all previous pages and SEO value transfers across with as little disruption as possible.

Content Marketing:
“Content is king” which is why it’s so important to create interesting, relevant and original content for your readers and customers to see and share. Plus, unique, valuable, keyword-savvy content can help towards improving your rankings in the eyes of the search engine gods. Our great team of content specialists can help give your content marketing the boost it needs. 

Reporting on SEO:
We will track your site daily to see how well your website is doing, and report back to you in detail on your SEO performance on a monthly basis. Our specialists will set out clear goals, along with your overall targets, so that we make sure achievements are accountable – and you can sit back and watch your digital business grow into something GIANT.

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