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Our website design is not just based on looking the best, but to help your business and brand grow as big as possible. We get your website ready for Google to rank it higher than your competition no matter your niche or your location

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Is NSM Marketing Agency Good For Website Design?

NSM Marketing Agency will build a professional business website to be noticed by Google and for Google to find it as a highly recommended website to visitors.

See websites are like any business, if your business is good more and more people will recommend it to new customers.

However, if your business is not good then nobody will like to buy your product or services.
The same thing happens with websites, if Google does not find your web pages to be relevant, then Google will never reward you with good rankings.

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Isabella Elizabeth
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Christopher Adams
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What Type Of Website Do You Need To Rank?

NSM Marketing Agency San Diego understands how important is for each business owner to rank, and obviously, that’s the main reason to purchase a website to be able to rank.

However, there are good websites and bad websites and we will explain which one you should go for when building one for your business.

Whenever you are ready to work on a new website, first you will need something called domain and hosting. You want to include your keyword and if possible your city name within your domain.

Then you need a platform, there are a few platforms however we recommend, and also Google recommends since this one lets you build a more unique and custom page.

wordpress website

How Long Does It Take For The Design Process?

Many business owners like to go for the most affordable designers, and most of these ones can take several weeks and sometimes do turn out to be the most simple work and this does not help with rankings.

Whenever you need to hire a developer to help with the setup, try to work with real professionals no matter their price since this will make you more SEO-friendly and will give you a bigger opportunity to rank.

In the case of NSM Marketing Agency San Diego, it will take about 72 hours to have a WordPress website ready to be index.


How Many Pages Should Your Website Have?

The more unique content you can add the easier for search engines to get to know about your business and get familiar with your services and location.

NSM Marketing Agency San Diego recommends you get started with at least four landing pages and try to focus on one page per service.

Later you can keep adding more new pages including one page for about us, and one page for the contact us and Gallery.


Our Website Design Services


Online Store:

We help businesses like your self to target audience interested in your type of product, though quality content and the best examples of products.


Mobile Apps:

If you are looking to be on your customer's mobile devices or be the first one to think of when they need a product, a mobile app can be a great way to achive that.


Social Media:

Your business's social media has to be managed daily to grow in followers and targeted those social media users, through images and videos.


WordPress Websites:

As mentioned before WordPress is the most powerful platform to build a responsive web design we follow best practices to achieve website traffic.


What Is The Total Cost For Hosting And Domain?

There are multiple hosting and domain companies however, we are recommending a company named This company provides more affordable hosting and you can pay up to $2.99/mo. this is a total of $35.88 yearly and another $17.99/year per domain.

If done properly you can have a website under your name and no monthly payments for only $53.87 you want a professional to build the site for you.


Why Hire A Professional To Build Your Site?

The benefits of hiring someone such as NSM Marketing Agency San Diego are huge. First of all you will have a professional website that will be under your name, and that is the same thing as buying a house. Now is all yours!

Then you will have no monthly hosting payments, all you need to do is to renew every year with your hosting company.

Also, professionals build unique websites with good user experience to bring site visitors and this is highly rewarded by Google.


How Can You Know If Your Website Will Rank?

To know if your website will rank, first you need to understand what Google is looking for within a website.

If customers are looking for Custom Websites Design Service, to make sure my website will rank, I need to create a page within my domain that has that same title, kind of like what we did on this page.

Then you need to create quality content that brings value to the readers, and that is easy to read by Google the system.

In short words, for Google to be able to rank a page within your website, you need relevant content to what the customer intent is.

For example there are up to four types of search intent:

  • Informational intent.

  • Navigational intent.

  • Transactional intent.

  • Commercial investigation.

    If the company or person building your blog posts understands the difference between each one, they will know what content to add and get organic clients.


How Much To Pay A Developer For Website Design?

If you are looking to have a website design and make sure you rank on Google you will need someone that builds responsive websites.

In the case of NSM Marketing Agency San Diego we give you design ideas for you to pick from and also do the research on the keywords that needs to be added to match search results

For a good web design that has four pages one page per service, we charge a one time $1600 no monthly payment and we help you purchase a domain and hosting under your name.

We can deliver a four pages website with a responsive design and seo friendly within 72 hours or less guaranteed.

All of our payments are made through Stripe and are one hundred percent secure payments


Are you ready to have one of the best website designs?

If you are ready we are ready, click the call now button and our developer will be ready to help you build the website you deserve.

We work with small businesses to big brands. Our job is to rank for more website visitors, get your website design done through NSM Marketing Agency San Diego and see the magic happen.



Ah, the age-old question – how much does it cost to get a website designed? It’s like asking about the price of a piece of art or a custom-made suit. The thing is, website design costs can vary quite a bit, kind of like how you’d find different prices at various restaurants.

See, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re aiming for a simple website with basic functionality, it might be on the lower end. Think of it like a cozy cafe – you get what you need without all the frills.

But if you’re after something more complex, like an e-commerce site or a platform with intricate features, the price tag might climb. It’s like opting for a fine dining experience – you’re paying for the craftsmanship and the extras.

Factors like the size of your site, the features you want, the design intricacy, and whether you need ongoing maintenance can all play a role in the final cost. It’s kind of like building a house – the bigger and fancier, the higher the price.

Now, here’s the thing – while you might be tempted to go for the lowest price, remember that quality matters. A well-designed website isn’t just about looks; it’s about functionality, user experience, and representing your brand. So, while you’re budgeting, also consider the value you’ll be getting.

My advice? Don’t be shy about shopping around, getting quotes, and asking about what’s included in the package. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without checking under the hood, don’t commit to a website without knowing what you’re getting.

So, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s like asking how much a vacation costs – it depends on where you’re going and what you want to experience. Take your time, explore your options, and find the sweet spot where quality and budget meet.

Ah, the “how long is a piece of string?” question – how many hours does it take to build a website? It’s like asking how long it takes to bake a cake – it all depends on the recipe and the level of intricacy.

Building a website can be a bit like putting together a puzzle. A simple, basic site might take anywhere from 20 to 50 hours. Think of it like whipping up a batch of cookies – relatively quick and straightforward.

But if you’re aiming for a more complex website with multiple pages, customized features, and a lot of attention to detail, that time frame could easily stretch to 100 hours or more. It’s like making a multi-tiered cake with all the fancy decorations – takes time and precision.

Factors like the design complexity, functionality requirements (like e-commerce or databases), content creation, and testing can all impact the timeline. It’s like how some recipes have multiple steps that need careful execution.

And, of course, communication and revisions play a role too. If you’re picky about certain elements or need changes along the way, it can add more hours to the process. It’s kind of like adjusting a recipe as you go.

Remember, building a website is a collaborative effort between you and the developers/designers. Just like cooking a meal together, it’s about working as a team to get the best outcome.

So, while I can’t give you an exact number of hours (like I can’t tell you how long it takes to cook a meal without knowing the dish), what I can say is that building a website takes time, care, and a sprinkle of patience. It’s like creating a masterpiece – you want it to be just right, no matter how many hours it takes.

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